Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, my hopes are you’ll enjoy it, learn something interesting every time you visit, and have fun connecting with like minded friends. Here at Let ’em Fly there is a central theme of airgunning in all its forms, be it hunting, hobby and target, and the humanitarianism that embodies our history of generations connecting and learning from each other. This is an open forum… that does not mean inappropriate language or comments will be permitted. There is a large focus on family at Let ’em Fly and we want the site to be accessible to all ages, thank you. There will be weekly “pellets”, that discuss topics of interest and reader requests. What you, the reader, is interested in is what this is all about so don’t be shy! Let us know anything pertaining to airgunning that you want to read about. We appreciate your input and look forward to this weeks “pellet”, “The Recycled Springers”. Each pellet will go up Sunday night and be replaced on the next Sunday, when the readers come in and the topics start flyin’ we’ll set her to full auto and Let ’em Fly!


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