Airgunning Stigmas

Hello again, today I want to touch on a couple things real quick before we let this one fly, one is that today is not Sunday. This pellet comes from the fact that a conversation I had recently really bothered me and was something important I thought should be written about. The scheduled Sunday pellets will always hit their mark, but sometimes something will pop up that will be a good subject for discussion and instead of waiting we’ll write it up right away. Like having a weekly time to go shooting but things free up and you get out in the middle of the week. Never a bad thing.
Next thing real quick is that we are still unable to upload pictures from our own files. As soon as we get this wrinkle smoothed, there will be experiments, tests and a generally more interesting site for you to visit. Sorry about this and thanks for your patience.
So here it is, as the title foretells the topic for today is airgunning stigmas. There are a number of stigmas that airgunners must endure. The one that prodded me to get writing today is that airguns are weapons, and that “tinkering” with “weapons” means that you are some kind of recluse bomb making radical. This comes from a family member of mine, upon hearing that I would love to live in the woods or desert and be able to hunt more freely, likened me to a unibomber type isolationist. They were of course joking, but I was really offended. The fact that I enjoy hunting does NOT mean I enjoy violence. And the tools for my hobby I do not consider weapons. Weapons are for the injury of human beings. Weapons for hunting are tools, and airguns for target shooting or hunting are tools either way. There is nothing in the world of airgunning more prominent than the safety of everyone involved. Working on airguns and enjoying the simple life in the great outdoors and seeking the basic satisfaction of the hunt has as much to do with cowering terrorists plotting destruction as an honorable police officer does with an SS officer during the holocaust. They both wear uniforms, and that’s about it. One is sworn to protect people, as airgunners are in their rules of safe shooting, and the other wants to hurt people and has no respect for human life.
The appearance of the airguns often make people nervous as they are commonly confused with the weapons that take lives. How unfortunate that some people might confuse our morals for that of someone that takes lives because of this.
Most stigmas of airgunning stem from the misconception that airguns are weapons, how curious that a whole other set of stigmas arise from another misconception, this one on the other end of the spectrum, that airguns are toys! There is embarrassment for airgunners when they are looked at as childish for playing with toys. There is such a lack of knowledge among non-sporting peoples, and even among some firearms shooters that have no experience with airguns.
At the same time that airgunning is becoming more public, so is the hatred of guns and anything that looks like one. Just as we gain a foot we lose a mile. The fact of the matter and the point you should take from this is that airguns are not toys, they are not weapons, and they certainly don’t define a persons morals. Airguns are tools for a shooting sport, a sport that goes above and beyond to promote the safety of its bystanders and participants. Airguns are equipment for physics experiments. They are tools for hunting small game. Airguns are made for airgunning, nothing else, and the confusion needs to stop. – Safe shooting, RifledDNA