There’s a lot of talk on other forums about what constitutes accuracy. Everybody has their own idea of what level of accuracy is satisfactory for them and their type of shooting. Some airgunners are trying to stack pellets at fifty yards. Some only care if it hits a soda can close enough to its center from much closer ranges. Neither can tell the other they aren’t shooting accurately enough. If it fits your own style of shooting and puts a smile on your face, then its good shooting. Anybody saying you need to hit within a certain space over a certain distance has got it all wrong. They are seeing things through the tunnel of their own shooting style and expectations, and they are putting false ideas into other airgunners that they aren’t shooting well enough. That’s no good. Airgunning is about having fun, and nobody’s going to have much fun trying to satisfy other peoples expectations of what’s good enough. If someone says “I just put 3 shots into an inch at ten yards! Nice!” What do you think should be said to that? It should’ve been five, or ten shots? It should’ve been a half, or quarter inch? It should have been 25, or 50 yards? Those are your standards, and you just crushed someone’s excitement for their accomplishment. Maybe they aren’t at the level you are, maybe they don’t expect the things you do. What should be said is nice job. That’s it. But that is not what you read or hear and it is disappointing. Unless your in the competitive level of airgunning, there is no standard or set of measurements you need to live up to. There is only you and your targets and if you hit them and your happy then you are at the standard.
Next time you hear what accuracy is “supposed” to be, please respond that that may be what you expect, but that’s overzealous for my type of shooting. Keep in mind everybody is at a different level, but its good to know what you like to aim for….. Say this and wait for the stuttering to commence. – Safeshootin’, and of course, Have Fun! -RifledDNA