Why Do We Do It?

So I know I haven’t posted in awhile, why? Well I’ve been extremely busy, but that’s no excuse. I wrote a lengthy post and when I hit back to exit editing it went back to the previous page, erasing the entire thing. Still not good enough.
The post that disappeared was about being in the right place to have advised a first time breakbarrel buyer about the pellets and the guns. I really helped these guys out and got them off with a huge head start. The post was amazing, helping this father and sons was an event, but I didn’t rewrite it. Why? Why have I neglected to return since then and either write the post again, or anything else? Because life can be discouraging. Sometimes things just bum us out. The long, well written post goes missing. The scope just will not zero.
We are often worked to the bone, with less to show than before we started. We try our best, but somebody’s not satisfied. Some times we make out and things work out, other times we’re just out, out of luck, out of ammo, out of Co2, down and out. The kids aren’t listening, the battery dies on the phone same time as the car. There’s a fly in the soup, one way or another. So why do we do it? Why do we make the soup? Why do we have kids or cars or jobs? Why do we shoot if we cant always hit the bull?
Sounds like a silly question when we put it like that, doesn’t it?
Have a good day airgunners, and keep shootin for the bull…… RifledDNA


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