Mole Hill Mountains

Good day everybody! Who are you?…….
Today was tough to find something to fling at you, I haven’t been feeling very well having caught a serious skin infection after visiting a hospital with an open wound on my hand. Its more common then I would ever hope because it can be very dangerous. If you are not aware of this growing epidemic in the US, I suggest you research it, MRSA, or methicillen resistant staph aeurolus, and keep yourselves protected as best you can. So the topic of this pellet is not my unpleasant ailment, but the nature of its cause.
Such a small thing, this little bacteria, and it is everywhere all the time, but we would rarely ever notice. How but the opening line of this article? Switch the three letters in how to who and you’ve been asked a totally different question, and been singing the oldies… The point is that little things are huge, they can change things in a big way. A microscopic organism can easily kill us, a missed typo can cause serious confusion, a seed grows an apple tree and fills bushels of fruit for years and years. Little things we do can affect us for the rest of our lives.
I can only imagine how many examples could be given, but I have just one more. In the world of airguns we deal with little steel balls and lead pellets, but they have big impact when they fly towards the target. Sometimes we are too excited to slow down and make sure things are safe where we are shooting. When I was young I did break a window or two, and Im sure there are kids out there today that will do the same. Here is where I say always be careful when shooting and setting up targets and backstops, but that’s only skin deep. The real meat and potatoes is that your life is led by you and you alone, and decisions made will have repercussions. Whether its a broken window or accidentally injuring someone, or, deciding to be attentive to your health BEFORE putting yourself at risk. We make a million decisions everyday, some are big, most are small, some are so small we didn’t even know we had a choice, but we do.
So, who are you? Someday the little choices of today will define our biggest problems, or, successes, of tomorrow…
Good day everybody. – RifledDNA