Things Break

I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s hard to remember to. Nobody has commented and there’s been no following to maintain for, yet. Hopefully there will be some participants to keep me writing for, until then this is kind of a personal journal, a place to record some thoughts and experience, and hopefully some wisdom. My insights may be of little consequence, but there might be someone that finds something helpful or interesting, sooner or later. So I’ll keep writing.
Today I feel it is appropriate to discuss the fact that – things break. We buy things and can grow very found of them and they can break. Often times airgunners like to fiddle and tinker and see how we can change things to work better or different. If you haven’t been in the sport long, you’ll soon find it may be hard to resist opening up that new airgun and tweaking the trigger or lubing this and smoothing that, but take this word of advise, things break. Little springs can go flying, screws can get stripped, etc etc. Until you are at a point that you feel comfortable to work on them and risk turning them into paperweights, as I occasionally do, enjoy the warranty and leave things alone. Do the regular external maintenance and have a nice thing last awhile. I say this from my point of view, I can’t ever leave things alone, and often get past the point of return. I’ve destroyed numerous air guns, changing this and doing that, and rarely am glad I did. I’ve wasted a lot of money with my curiosity. Yes, things break, and can sometimes easily be fixed, but, like they say, don’t fix what ain’t broke.
So that’s all I have to say for today, I recently had another of these “messed it up” scenarios, and thought I might save someone q nice airgun and a few bucks by letting you all know this. Don’t be like me, utilize the warranty! Thanks for reading, RifledDNA.